This programmed is especially designed for the newly elected Board member in the recent general meeting. The Board member is given 10 months to participate in the programmed. This is an important programmed to enable Board members to understand the concept of cooperatives and identify their roles and responsibilities. Therefore, this course will enable the Board Members to manage and administer the cooperative according to laws and philosophy of cooperative and practice good governance of the cooperative. This programmed is also coordinated by the Cooperative Development Committee (JPK) officer to identify participants involved and MKM will cooperate by sponsoring, providing speakers and relevant notes.

Based on the environment of cooperative operations, the ALK (Cooperative Board Members) requires knowledge and skills in various fields. The requirement for this knowledge is emphasized by the Cooperative Societies Act 1993 which sets out the powers and responsibilities of the Board which is generally empowered to manage and monitor the sources and assets of cooperatives efficiently and effectively.

In carrying out the affairs of a cooperative, an ALK is required to be prudent and diligent similar to typical businessmen and shall be held responsible for any losses incurred due to their failure to be prudent and diligent as provided under sub-section 45(1) of the Cooperative Societies Act 1993.

Therefore, the ALK is required to attend the Compulsory Course 1 (Management and Administration of Cooperatives) as prescribed by the Malaysia Co-operative Societies Commission under Guideline 5 to enhance the competence and governance of cooperatives. This course should be attended within the appointment period once an individual is appointed as an ALK.

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